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In ancient China, there were no blood tests to diagnose illness. Additionally, examining the naked body was considered taboo, as was performing autopsies. At one time, it was illegal to see a patient beyond the elbow unclothed. Because of these limitations, the Chinese came up with unique ways of determining and treating illness.

Chinese Medicine basically likened the body to the world around us. In the area you live, you can have too much or too little rain and moisture, too much or too little cold, too much or too little heat, and so on. That is the way they view the body as well.

Yin Yang

If your body is too moist, the treatment is to dry it some. If your body is too dry, the treatment is to create moisture. If your body is to hot, indicating overactivity, infection or inflammation, the treatment is to cool it off. Likewise, if your body is too cool, indicating underactivity, the treatment is to heat it up a bit.

Though this seems rudimentary and simple, the entire system is actually very complex. And by using this thought process, the ancient Chinese created ways to treat disorders naturally that modern medicine often has difficulty treating with strong medications.


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