Workman’s Comp for Babysitters, A New Vitamin Company and Too Much Fluoride in the Water

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INTERESTING BABYSITTING BILL- According to new legislation in California (Assembly Bill 889), “household employers” (parents) who hire babysitters will be obligated to pay at least minimum wage to anyone over the age of 18 (unless they are a family member), and to provide a substitute babysitter every two hours for rest and meal breaks. In addition, they must have workers compensation coverage, pay overtime and meticulously calculate a time card/paycheck and even cover paid vacation time. Failure to follow any of these rules could result in legal action.

Opponents of this bill say that if the bill goes through, more and more people will be forced to pay for institutional babysitting instead of simply hiring a babysitter. In addition, the bill will also evidently affect caring for the sick or elderly as well.

WHOLE FOOD VITAMIN SOURCE- As you know if you’ve been reading our newsletters, we’re big proponents of getting your vitamins as close to natural as possible. Chemicalized versions of vitamins created in a lab simply aren’t comparable to vitamins in the form Mother Nature made them.

Standard Process is the company we have used mostly in the past for whole food vitamins. The downside with them is that you can only get them from a health practitioner (chiropractor, dentist, medical doctor, or pharmacist).

There is a new company called Innate Response that has emerged selling what seems to be good whole food vitamins. We have not used many of their products yet, but we will let you know as we do what we think. If you think you’d be interested in this company, you can check out their website at If they do not allow you to order directly from them, search for their products on

Keep in mind that chemical vitamins are cheap so whole food vitamins cost a little more, but you don’t usually have to take as much and the benefits are much greater in the long run.

41% of TEENAGERS HAVE OVER-EXPOSURE TO FLUORIDE- For a very long time now many chiropractors and other natural health practitioners have spoken openly to their opposition of putting fluoride in the drinking water. Of course, this did little to stop the practice or reduce the amount of fluoride added to water. We’ve all been taught that fluoride in the water reduces dental cavities. We were never told it could be toxic.

The US Department of Health and Human Services recently recommended a nation-wide reduction in fluoride levels after it found that 41% of adolescents in America (aged 12-15) have signs of overexposure to fluoride, and the rate of overexposure seems to be rising.

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