Vitamin C Reduces Heart Failure, Hijacked Supplements and Amish Autism

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VITAMIN C FOR HEART FAILURE- (OMNS, Nov 22, 2011) New studies are reporting that the risk of heart failure decreases with increasing blood levels of vitamin C, to the point that people with the lowest levels of vitamin C in their body had the highest risk of heart failure. In reverse, those with the highest levels of vitamin C in their body had the lowest levels of heart failure.

The study specifically found that for every 20 micromole/liter increase of vitamin C in the body, there was a 9% reduction in death from heart failure. In english, the more vitamin C you take the better. In fact, it only takes around 500mg per day to see major changes in death rates from heart failure. Taking more than that is evidently even better.

FDA HIJACKING SUPPLEMENTS- The FDA (and the Pharmaceutical Companies that seem to control it) have been after gaining control of the vitamin and herb industry for years. First they tried to get rid of supplements, but after a report showed the staggering number of Americans turning to supplements, the FDA and Big Pharma have been trying not just to get a slice of that pie, but to get the whole thing.

Over the years the FDA and Big Pharma have tried over and over to gain control of the supplement industry. And their methods have gotten more and more devious and bold. The FDA has now issued a “Guidance” for the supplement industry to “impede, restrict and ban” dietary supplements. Remember that in something like 20 years there have only been one or two deaths from supplements (from people doing truly crazy things with them), while there are close to 200,000 deaths per year from medications. Despite the safety record, the FDA and Big Pharma are trying to convince the public that supplements are dangerous and should only be in the hands of pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors.

In a nutshell, what they are trying to do now is to require so much testing and information that only very large pharmaceutical companies have deep enough pockets to be able to afford all the new regulations. By bankrupting everyone else, the only groups left to make the supplements will be these super rich pharmaceutical giants, and they will only sell to medical doctors.  This will put natural vitamins and supplements in full control of the medical community.

THE HAMISH AUTISM DILEMMA- Evidently, there is a lack of autism in the Amish population. In fact, they not only do seem to be insusceptible to autism, but also to other learning disabilities that plague our society. The question is why.

The government recently admitted a connection between autism and the chemical Thimerosol used in vaccines. However, they only admitted it for one case, and would not make a blanket statement about the link between Thimerosol and autism overall. Still, since the Amish do not get vaccinated, the vaccine-autism link cannot be ruled out.

There are other possibilities as well – the Amish eat organic, fresh and locally grown produce, not the chemical laden, genetically manipulated foods of mainstream society. Still, the vaccine theory seems to be a major link. In fact, it has been reported that there have been 3 cases of verified autism in the Amish groups. In two of the three cases the children were vaccinated. In the last case it is unknown if the child was vaccinated.

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:  Caterpillars have about four thousand muscles.  Humans, by comparison, have only about six hundred.  The average garden-variety caterpillar has 248 muscles in its head.

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