Virus Discovered as Possible Cause of Chronic Fatigue

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Judy Mikovits, PhD, has recently discovered a non-HIV, AIDS-like virus in Chronic Fatigue patients. The virus is called XMRV. This is right in line with what we at Barnes Chiropractic have been thinking for a while now. We believe a lot of diseases that science cannot figure out may in fact be due to microbes we simply haven’t been able to detect yet.

What has Dr. Mikovits gotten for her troubles? She faces criminal charges and was put in jail. Why? Because she believes this particular virus is transmitted by vaccines- and the vaccine companies didn’t like that one bit.

It will be hard to know the truth on this issue. Scientists supporting her work will be scared to come forth, and the pharmaceutical companies creating the vaccines will do everything they can to discredit her and her work. The pharmaceutical companies will most likely have the backing of the government.

Is it possible she is right? Yes. Most vaccines are created by growing the organism the vaccine is meant to work against on the organs of other animals. Microbes we have not been able to detect yet could exist within the animal’s tissues and be transferred to humans via the vaccine.

One theory on how AIDS got started is that a cheap polio vaccine was grown on the kidneys of certain monkeys. When those vaccines were made, they contained the HIV virus, which science was unable to detect at the time. The vaccine was distributed first in Zaire, Africa, which is where the AIDS epidemic supposedly began.


Dr Robin Barnes (email)

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