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TOXIC TEFLON- As many of you know, cookware coated with the non-stick surface teflon has been found to be toxic when heated. This kind of cookware is being banned in other parts of the world. We highly recommend cooking only in stainless steel or cast iron like your grandparents, and also like your grandparents using coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil or butter to cook with. (These are all healthy oils.) Stay away from cooking with Pam, margarine and vegetable oils, as they literally change forms when heated and become very dangerous and unhealthy.

ITS IN THE WATER- In any event, a company called 3M Corporation has been caught dumping 50,000 pounds of toxic residue from Teflon and ScotchGuard production into the Mississippi River around the Minneapolis and St Paul area. The concentration of these chemicals in this area has been found to be the largest concentration of these chemicals in the world – and this is the drinking water for that area.

FIRED- Dr Oliaei Fardin – a government worker – discovered the problem and turned the plant in. He then started a study to see just how far down the river the problem existed. The good doctor has evidently been forced to resign, and his study was canceled.

The bottom line is that more and more you’re going to have to take the responsibility to protect yourself. Make sure to get a good water filter for your drinking water, or at least drink a good bottled water. We also recommend the use of a shower filter, as these chemicals aren’t good for your skin either. Not to mention the fact that your skin absorbs many of these chemicals as completely as if you had swallowed them. There are several good filters on the market.

Here are a couple of links for a good shower and water filter:

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