The Vaccine War

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Many people do not know this, but whether or not to vaccinate, and at what age, is a very hot topic among scientists. It seems most likely that most people know little about this ongoing war because of the golden rule – those with the gold (money) make all the rules.

EARLY ORIGINS- The earliest evidence of vaccination that we know of was in the ancient Chinese culture. They took bodily fluids, sputum, phlegm and other secretions from a sick person and dried it out on rocks until the bodily fluid was completely dry and crumbly. More than likely, this killed or greatly weakened the bacterial or viral culprit causing the damage. Then they crushed and ground the dried out secretion, further weakening or killing the specimen.

Then healthy people would basically snort or take the dried concoction orally. By introducing the bacterial or viral problem in a very weakened or even dead form, it allowed the body to study the invader without fear of being overcome by the invader.  This is the idea behind modern vaccines as well, but modern science has changed a few things.

PROBLEM ONE- Modern day, the first problem is that scientists grow the bacteria or virus on organs of other species. For example, the polio virus was grown on the kidneys of green monkeys.

The problem here is that we haven’t yet discovered all the diseases found in humans, much less all the animal diseases. Some scientists believe animals with infections we do not have the technology to recognize yet are spreading their diseases to humans through vaccines. They believe this accounts for weird diseases like AIDS, lupus, fibromyalgia and other diseases that have only recently become a problem. These diseases are very hard to kill off because the body very often doesn’t recognize them.

Humans usually can’t get these animal diseases, but since they are injected deeply into our body, past our initial immune defenses, they gain instant access to the interior of our bodies.

PROBLEM TWO- In the old days, vaccines in the form of dried out bodily secretions were taken in the same way you would catch the problem naturally – through the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc. But now, vaccines are usually injected directly into the body.

The body has around 7 layers of the immune system. Taking the vaccine naturally allows all 7 layers of the immune system to get a ‘look’ at the invader and build up a defense. But injecting it deeply into the body bypasses all but one or two layers, so the immunity gained isn’t nearly as complete as it should be.

Scientists against the modern way of creating vaccines say this is why vaccines so often don’t seem to work, or only work for a short while. Remember, in many outbreaks, fully vaccinated children are often the ones getting the disease. The vaccine makers blame this on un-vaccinated children spreading the disease, but if vaccines work, anyone who is fully vaccinated should not have to worry about it.

PROBLEM THREE- Chemicals such as Mercury, Thimerosol and who knows what else are used to cleanse, stabilize and preserve the vaccine. The problem is that they are toxic, and are injected deeply within the body of  infants and young children. These are toxins known to cause problems in human beings. When you find these toxins in mercury thermometers or other household or environmental material, you are warned of their dangers. But when they are injected into your body in the form of a vaccine, it is supposedly okay. ??

Even the government has finally started to acknowledge some of the damage being done by vaccines. They have admitted, at least in one incident, that vaccines have caused autism. Many scientists have shown that autism is diffuse brain alterations caused by the injection of toxic substances into a very young nervous system.  The chemicals are believed to damage everyone eventually, but some kids are more sensitive than others and respond more obviously.

Fifty years ago, autism was found in 1 out of every 10,000 kids. By 2007, that rate had gone up to 1 in 91.  The amount of kids now enrolled in special education classes has risen by 30% in the past 10 years alone. It is projected by some forecasters that if the current trends continue, all males will be autistic by 2032 and all females by 2041. Think not just of how horrible that is for your family, your kids, but also how that will cripple our society.

Some say the fall of Rome came about at least partly because their stone aqueducts (which were safe) were replaced by lead piping, due to the insistence of the greatest minds of the time. They claimed that stone piping was primitive – real piping should be made of this newly mastered metal. As a result, lead poisoning created neurological cripples out of a great empire.

As a side note, in Japan, lawmakers put off vaccinations to around age three, and sudden infant death syndrome all but vanished.

THE LAWMAKERS- So why are vaccines still being pushed?  First, remember it is a controversy.  Some people truly believe that vaccines are safe and beneficial, even with all of the toxic chemicals.  Second, there is a lot of money, a whole lot of money, being made off of these vaccines. And to make it even more profitable, the pharmaceutical companies are not held liable for any damages or deaths caused by the vaccines.

Evidently, so many people have been and continue to be damaged by vaccines that pharmaceutical companies claimed they could not turn a profit and would go bankrupt if they were held liable for vaccine damages. So the government made them exempt, and pays for lawsuits by parents of damaged children out of taxpayer money.

This occurred in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil actin for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death.” (Public Law 99-660).  So far, Taxpayers (not the pharmaceutical companies) have paid out over $2 billion to families of children who were damaged by vaccines.

GOOD IDEA GONE WRONG- In our opinion, vaccines are a good idea. We do believe though, that there are big problems with our current system of manufacturing them.

In addition, the greed factor – allowing pure profits with no repercussions from damage – has created a monster. The drug companies do not have to come out with safer, more effective vaccines. You are forced to take the vaccines, and the company cannot be sued, so their is no incentive for anything other than massive profits.

Most states do have exemptions if you decide you do not want to vaccinate your child, or if you want to vaccinate but not while they are infants.  For more information, visit

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Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email) (newsletter archives)

This week’s bit of Useless Information:  The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.  The armhole in clothing is called an armsaye.

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