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There’s a new book out we thought you may want to know about- the book is called A Life Unburdened and it is written by Richard Morris.

WHY?- This is basically the story of a very funny, and very overweight man who begins to ask why. After so many failed attempts to permanently lose weight and become healthy, he begins to question “the experts”, and in doing so loses over 150 pounds and becomes healthy.

QUESTIONS- He began to wonder, if the “experts” were right, why were the members of his family getting fatter and unhealthier sooner in each generation? He wondered why the people of today were so large and unhealthy and dying so young when his grandparents lived so long and were so healthy and thin even though they ate all the wrong things, according to the “experts”? Why did the foods he was told to eat make him feel so bad?

HIS PROGRAM- His program is simple. He found that eating only REAL food and avoiding artificial, factory made, chemicalized and nutrient stripped food was the way to go. By doing this one thing he lost over 150 pounds and had many health problems go away. He didn’t count calories, meal sizes or fat grams- he just ate REAL food and avoided PROCESSED food.
What did he eat? He ate fruits and vegetables as you’d expect, but he also ate the very foods our “experts” tell us to avoid- REAL foods like butter, lard, beef, whole raw milk, eggs, liver, coconut, cream, and so on. The very foods our grandparents and ancestors thrived on. The very foods Mother Nature created to run our bodies.

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