The EPA, Ethanol and One Heck of a Party

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Here are a couple of tidbits…

EPA’s Own Scientists Condemn the EPA- The EPA’s own scientists are actually speaking out against the agency, claiming that the profits of the pesticide industry are taking priority over protecting the public health.

Evidently, a union has formed consisting of over 9,000 EPA scientists, who have together submitted a letter to the EPA’s Administrator, Stephen Johnson, claiming that the “integrity of the science upon which agency decisions are based has been compromised.” due to corporate interests.

The letter names quite a few toxic pesticides that should no longer be allowed due to its obvious and blatant adverse affects on humans, especially children, yet are still allowed due to pressure from the pesticide industry, who doesn’t want to see its profits cut.

The EPA has not responded to the letter yet.

ETHANOL FACTS- It is now being predicted by those “in the know” that ethanol will replace gasoline. What most of us haven’t been told is that in the US, it will be done in a way to, yet again, support business, not the people or the environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it takes the equivalent of three barrels of oil to create four barrels of ethanol from CORN. On top of this, ethanol evidently gets lower miles per gallon than gasoline.

Alternative? Brazil uses sugar-cane to make ethanol, which is evidently eight times as energy efficient a source for making ethanol as corn. Other energy efficient sources that can be easily grown in the U.S. include sugar beets, hemp and switch grass. These are all much more efficient than corn. But, in the U.S., where special interests, not public well-being seem to govern federal policy, it appears the immediate future of the U.S. automotive fuel industry is going to the highest bidder, which is genetically engineered corn.

USDA’s Annual Budget- $90 billion
Federal Funding Budget for Companies Growing Non-Organic, Chemical Intensive and Genetically Engineered Crops- $25 billion
Federal Funding Budget for Organic Food Research: $5 Million (up from $1.8 Million)
Bush’s Last Inaugural Party: $40 million

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