The Big Bully, Sumo Babies and a Trick for Insomnia

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FOOD GIANT MONSANTO TO SUE VERMONT OVER GMO LABELING- As many of you know, more and more people are requesting that foods contained genetically modified organisms (“frankenfoods”) be labeled so that we know what we are eating. The agricultural companies creating these foods are violently opposed to the idea. They claim that since most people will not eat products containing genetically modified organisms, if they have to label these foods then most people would not eat them, giving an unfair advantage to their competition.

In Vermont, public outcry has forced the Vermont Agriculture Committee to agree to pass a law requiring foods containing GMOs to be labeled, as we have a right to know and choose what we are putting into our bodies.  As a result, Monsanto has threatened to sue the state if it passes the bill. Evidently this is the way Monsanto works – they have more money than the state so they can sue until the state can no longer afford to resist. Monsanto’s tactic seems to be working. The bill is H-722 if you’d like to look into it more.

SUMO BABY TREATMENT- In what seems more like a plot of a movie, babies are now being medicated in the womb to prevent them from being born already obese. The drugs are being given to obese moms-to-be in certain British cities. If the treatment works it will likely become widespread.

The term for babies being born obese is “sumo babies”, and evidently it is a growing trend, to the point of a 50% rise in them during the last four years in the UK. A sumo baby is being described as a baby weighing more then 11 pounds at birth.

Sumo babies are also on the rise in America, with a recorded 14 pound baby being born in California and a 16 pounder being born in Texas. These are usually born via C-Section, but an Iowa woman gave birth to a 13 pounder vaginally and without pain killers. Ouch!

A NATURAL SLEEP AID- Researchers are finding that people having trouble going to sleep often have overactive frontal lobes of their brains. This is the part of the brain responsible for organizing, planning, etc. In other words, instead of sleeping, your mind is working on problems and projects.

These researchers have found that using a “cooling cap”- a cool cap designed to bring down the temperature of the head, allowed insomniacs to sleep normally. They went to sleep and stayed asleep like a non-insomniac. This is interesting because Chinese Medicine has long asserted overactivity and heat to be the reasons for insomnia and bad dreams.

If you want to try this out, you don’t need a cooling cap- simply get one of those soft-gel ice packs, the ones with the cloth cover, and cool it in the refrigerator. Then place it over your head at night. If it is not cold enough, switch to the freezer.

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Dr Matt and Dr Robin (newsletter archives)

This week’s bit of Useless Information: The wheat that produces a one-pound loaf of bread requires two tons of water to grow.

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