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SUPPLEMENTATION – As we’ve said before, we’re not in favor of taking a lot of synthetic vitamins and other supplements. Instead, we believe in getting what you need through a combination of good foods and what are called “superfoods”.
This opinion is based not on the latest fad, or the latest research, but instead on studying and copying real people and real societies that figured out long ago how to become and stay uncommonly healthy. In these societies, these health secrets are handed down from generation to generation as tribal wisdom gained over thousands of years of trial and error.

FOODS – These societies eat only REAL food. They eat nothing that has been processed or chemicalized. In fact, just recently a tribe of Hopi Indians who lived only off the land were studied and found to have a cancer rate of 1person in every 1000. The US cancer rate is 1 person in every 4.
When this group obtained a grocery store and started eating processed foods, their cancer rate quickly went up to 1 in 4- just like ours.

SUPERFOODS – Superfoods are foods that are unusually healthy. They are far more nutritionally dense than regular foods. Superfoods are how healthy societies supplement their diets. Superfoods include things like blue-green algae, raw honey, raw milk, raw butter, celtic sea salt and cod liver oil.
One of our favorites, and one that is in the news a lot right now, is Cod Liver Oil. This old standby has been used for centuries by many healthy peoples, probably including your grandparents. We like it because it is real food (not a synthetic vitamin), a superfood (nutritionally dense), and it is not a fad – it has been around forever.

BENEFITS- A short list of the benefits include:
(1) Its just plain packed with nutrition
(2) Reduces risk of stroke
(3) Reduces inflammation
(4) Reduces risk of heart disease
(5) Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and depression
(6) Taken during pregnancy may protect the baby against diabetes.
The fatty acids in fish oil have even been linked to better vision, better sleep, and even to smarter babies. Cod liver oil has been found to fight off ear infections, cystic fibrosis, and is linked with higher intelligence and achievement scores in kids.

GO FOR QUALITY- Be sure to get a high quality brand like Radiant Life, Dr. Ron’s, Garden of Life, Green Pasture, or Carlson Labs. You may find that you belch and taste the oil at first, but that doesn’t last long in most people. A good dose for an adult is about 4 grams (4000 milligrams) per day, but start out at 1 gram and work your way up.

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Everything we say in these posts are expressly our opinions and only our opinions. We are reporting what we see in our clinic and what we live by. As the FDA is not particularly fond of natural medicine, we must, by law, tell you that neither this nor any of our emails or treatments in the clinic are allowed to be or intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such. By law, these emails can only be considered informational only, and none of the nutrients or treatments discussed here are considered legally viable options for diagnosing, treating, or curing any disease or disorder.

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