Spinal Deformities, Epidural Steroid Injections, and Smoking

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Today’s tidbits all come from the March, 2013, publication of Spinal News International.  This newsletter is a medical publication for orthopedic surgeons and other spine specialists that summarizes some of the latest medical spinal research.  We found many of the articles in this issue to be extremely interesting.  Here are a few:

SPINAL DEFORMITY AFFECTS PHYSICAL FUNCTION AS MUCH AS CANCER- Chiropractors have emphasized for years the importance of taking care of you spine, and studies have shown time and again that people receiving regular, maintenance chiropractic care tended to be healthier and have more ease as they age. The medical community has typically turned their nose up at this idea, claiming that spinal deformities are “not really” painful or detrimental.

Though they do not go so far as to recommend chiropractic preventative and maintenance care in this medical publication, they do say that “a new study indicates that contrary to the common misconception that adult spinal deformity is ‘not really’ painful, the actual impact of spinal deformity is similar to the impact of cancer and diabetes.”  That’s pretty major.

EPIDURAL STEROID INJECTIONS MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF SPINAL BONE FRACTURES- According to a study published in the prestigious medical journal Spine (2012), a single epidural steroid injection in a postmenopausal female was associated with a significant decline in hip bone mineral density.

In other words, just one epidural steroid injection proved to be enough to cause osteoporosis.

SMOKING CAUSES CHRONIC BACK PAIN- According to a new study from The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American Volume), smoking is highly connected to chronic pain symptoms, and the cessation of smoking is linked strongly with an improvement in patient-reported pain.

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