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CANCER AS A CHRONIC, OPPORTUNISTIC DISEASE- According to Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, cancer is starting to be seen as a chronic condition that you can live with, comfortably, for the rest of you life if managed correctly, much like diabetes or asthma.

Basically what happens is that we all have cancer cells all the time circulating through our bodies- its only when our immune system becomes weakened enough that enough cells survive to form a clump. Once they form a clump they begin to grow, and surround themselves with a defensive barrier that makes it hard for the immune system to see through. In essence, once this barrier is up, your body may not even be able to see or recognize the tumor. This process takes around 12 years.

A BETTER TREATMENT- Aside from diet and lifestyle changes aimed at increasing the immunity of the body, there is a new cancer treatment that only uses 10% of the normal amount of chemotherapy, and it only affects the cancer cells- which means no more nausea, baldness or other uncomfortable side effects of chemotherapy. This treatment is called Insulin Potentiated Targeted Low Dose Therapy (IPTLD).

Cancer cells love sugar. In fact, cancer cells have 10x more insulin receptors than a normal cell does. This knowledge is the basis for many of the current tests we have for tracking cancer now.

IPTLD therapy uses insulin to bring the body’s blood sugar level down way low, then introduces a small amount of chemotherapy tied to sugar into the body. The starved cancer cells wolf the sugar down, and with it, the chemotherapy. In this way, the entire body is not being poisoned by chemo, only the cancer cells. Studies have shown that this method increases the effectiveness of chemo treatment by up to 10,000 times, without the side effects of traditional treatment.

MORE INFO- The one thing about this treatment that may make you mad is that it has been around for years. It seems the main reason none of us has heard of it is that it uses only 10% of the normal dose of chemotherapy. This means that pharmaceutical companies would lose 90% of the profit they are used to per patient, per treatment.

For more information, look into Leigh Erin Connealy, MD. Her clinic is in Irvine, California and is called The Center for New Medicine. Her clinic has an outpatient cancer treatment center on site, which is associated with Oasis of Hope USA. Her website is

Hope this helps, Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email)

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