Pets Make Babies Healthier, Radiation Treatment Causing Cancer, & Airplanes Causing Climate Change

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PETS MAKE BABIES HEALTHIER- According to an article in Pediatrics, online July 9, 2012, babies who grow up with a dog or cat in their house have fewer ear infections, coughs or runny noses. They were also less likely to need antibiotics than infants in pet-free homes.

The basic theory is that babies who are exposed to more dirt, germs, allergens and so on develop stronger immune systems.  Interestingly, the researchers found that contact with dogs, more than cats, was tied to fewer weeks of sickness for babies.

RADIATION MAKING BREAST CANCER WORSE?- A new study published in Cancer July 1, 2012, found that radiation therapy actually drives breast cancer cells into a state of greater malignancy. This study added to the reports that screening for breast cancer with radiation mammography was actually itself causing breast cancer.

What seems to be happening is that radiation causes tumors to shrink, which conventionally has led us to believe the treatment was working. Instead, only certain types of cells within the cancer are shrinking, but the Cancer Stem Cells are actually stimulated by the treatment and become even more malignant.

AIRPLANES CHANGING WEATHER PATTERNS?- For years it has been theorized that the contrails (trails behind airplanes) left in the air as airplanes pass may be able to block incoming heat or prevent outgoing heat from escaping our atmosphere, thus artificially influencing our climate and weather patterns.

Interestingly, after 9/11, air travel was suspended for 3 days. During this time, the contrails cleared up and the climatic change from airplane residue in the air was confirmed. This information has stirred quite a debate among scientists, with some wanting to get rid of airplanes and others wanting to try and correct the imbalance caused by airplane contrails by injecting other chemicals in the air.

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:  Fortune cookies were actually invented in America by Charles Jung in 1918.

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