Non-Foods, Health Span and Vaccines

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REAL FOOD NO MORE- According to a recent poll, less than 1/3 of all Americans are now even eating one meal per day that was made from REAL FOOD and prepared from scratch. That means that the overwhelming majority of food consumed by Americans is junk food or factory food that has been so processed and altered from its natural form that it literally has almost no nutritional value (not to mention that it is laden with chemicals and then stored in aluminum cans or plastic containers) leaving the body weak and susceptible to all diseases, instead of strong and resistant like we were meant to be.

Note that the drastic rise in diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer has coincided directly with the increasing amount of food we now eat from boxes and cans. In fact, according to Medical Reports, the first heart attack ever recorded happened around 1895, after mass produced processed foods were introduced into the food supply. Our advice? Eat real food! If you can’t shoot it, pick it or dig it out of the ground, don’t eat it (or at least limit it greatly)!

HEALTH SPAN vs LIFE SPAN- Life span is the total number of years you are alive. Health span is the total number of years you are healthy. Modern medicine is getting so good at keeping you alive, even if riddled by disease, that our overall Life Span is increasing. The problem is that our overall Health Span is shrinking. So although we are living longer, we are actually getting sicker and sicker earlier and earlier.

By strengthening your body with REAL FOOD and sensible (not excessive) exercise, you increase both health span and life span. There are many societies out there that still live to be over 100 years old without the cancer and arthritis and so on that we have. What they all have in common is clean air, clean water, the fact that they eat only REAL FOOD, and move their bodies throughout the day. Any time these people have started eating the foods that we eat in the U.S., their health has decreased dramatically.

NON-VACCINATED KIDS- According to recent studies, there’s another reason besides the toxic chemicals (like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde) used in vaccinations that are making parents and sensible doctors rethink the “vaccinate everybody” idea – natural immunity seems to be better.

The new studies are showing that non-vaccinated children have stronger immune systems and get less of the serious diseases like asthma and cancer later in life. Evidently, allowing their bodies to fight off invaders naturally builds their immunity up, making their resistance stronger. Vaccinated kids however don’t seem to acquire the same strength and seem to be more at risk for problems later in life created by deficient immunity.

It has even been found that having a pet around your infant or child as it grows up increases the child’s immunity, as the pet gives their immune system more things to practice fighting off.

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