Nerve Damage, Soy and Margarine

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NERVE DAMAGE- According to a new study performed at the University of Liverpool and published in Toxicological Sciences (Dec 13, 05), the combination of MSG (monosodium glutamate – a preservative used in fast foods and processed foods) with Aspartame (aka Nutrasweet, Equal, etc.) interferes with nerve cell signaling systems and actually stunted nerve cell growth. One state is actually trying to have Nutrasweet banned as a toxic chemical.
Bottom line? Eat as naturally as possible. Avoid all processed, man-made and man-altered foods as much as possible. Eat REAL food. Then don’t worry about counting calories, fat grams or anything else.

THE DANGERS OF SOY- We’ve really tried to avoid this subject for a long time since so many people adamantly believe that soy is a health food. The problem is that the Japanese and other healthy groups that eat a lot of soy only eat it in its fermented form, while we in America eat it mostly in its unfermented form. It is consumed by us in everything from soy drinks to soy burgers and soy based baby formulas.
The problem is that soy naturally has estrogen-like hormones and other chemicals on its outer layer that are very bad for you – they are linked with everything from cancer to heart disease. Fermenting soy gets rid of these chemicals. Fermented forms of soy include things like soy sauce, miso, natto and tempeh.
For more information on the dangers of soy, go to

THE DANGERS OF MARGARINE- Most of us have been told to avoid butter and eat margarine. Yet in countries where lots of butter, cream and milk are consumed, they have far less heart disease and cancer than we do. And as we’ve eaten more and more margarine, we’ve developed more and more problems. In fact, there are piles of research papers telling the dangers of margarine and the benefits of butter, but what gets passed on to us is very selective. Un-commercialized countries consider unprocessed butter to be a super-food, jam packed with good nutrition.
Margarine is literally one molecule away from plastic. It does not even resemble real food. Leave some out and notice that not even flies will eat it, which indicates its total lack of food value. So who taught us to eat margarine, which doesn’t even resemble a real food? The margarine companies did, through one heck of an advertising campaign that even infiltrated the government, our schools and even medical schools. This yet again shows how foods made in a laboratory don’t measure up to what mother nature has given us!

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