Minty Mice, Tamiflu and Nutrasweet Banned

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TAMIFLU- There have now been reports in Japan of 12 deaths and 32 cases of psychiatric problems in children who have taken the anti-flu drug Tamiflu. US Advisory panels rushed in to assure the public that it saw no evidence of a link between the drug and these problems, although they did admit that serious skin reactions could occur. (Reuters, 2005)

The FDA has no current plan to add warnings about the deaths or psychiatric problems to the Tamiflu label. It was noted that Roche (who makes the medication) stock shares continue to rise.

OF MICE AND MINT- Evidently natural peppermint essential oil has been found to be capable of driving mice away without the danger of poisoning your pets, your kids or yourselves and, as a bonus, smells good too.
As household cleaners, weed killers and other common household products have been found to contain toxic chemicals linked with everything from asthma to leukemia, even without coming in direct contact with it, it just makes sense to replace them with non-toxic alternatives whenever possible.

Mice seem to be repelled by the scent and can be chased out of a home by simply putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and placing them around the house. (It’s especially effective to strongly scent areas where the mice might be entering or hiding out.)

ASPARTAME BANNED?- Aspartame, the sweetener also known as Nutrasweet, has now been found to be so toxic that an entire state (New Mexico) is trying to have it banned. (Senate Bill 250, House Bill 202) The toxicity of this substance has been known for years, but its makers (Monsanto) are so rich and powerful that little has been done about it.

The most recent study showing its toxicity was published in the November 2005 Environmental Health Perspectives. This study linked aspartame with tumors, leukemia, lymphomas and other cancers.
Again, eat REAL foods as Mother Nature made them and stay away from artificial foods, processed foods and preservatives.

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