Medicare, Politicians and Hemorrhoids – you make the connection

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MEDICARE!!!!- Like most things government run, Medicare has always been a bit of an obstacle. Most of the people on Medicare are elderly or disabled, meaning that they typically have more pain and more need of chiropractic and other health care than the average person. Yet Medicare has always made it difficult to get these people the help they need. Now they are making it downright impossible for chiropractors.

First, Medicare is starting to claim that nearly all visits to a chiropractor are not medically necessary. This is coming from someone that was not present to see the patient hobble in, grimace with every movement, and then get better over the course of a handful of visits. In addition, they are claiming that all chiropractors’ notes are not including necessary information. When asked what information they need, they tell us they are not allowed to say. You cannot fix what you do not know is wrong.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that Medicare is affecting all doctors, but especially chiropractors. If you want to help try to change this, call or write your representatives, congressmen and senators. We have a list of names with the phone numbers and addresses if you’d like to join in. Even if this does not affect you now, eventually it will – we all get to that Medicare age sooner or later (if we’re lucky).

NOT SO PRIVATE NOW!- According to Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, as reported on the AARP website, the government can now confiscate your property and your private medical records without your consent.

In October of 2011, Kathleen Sebelius (the Secretary of Health and Human Services), decreed that all private health insurance companies must turn over to the federal government their medical records on all patients insured by them to be included in the federal health information database without their consent.

This information is evidently meant to be used  for government run panels to decide the best medical course of treatments for the population at large.  This sounds good, but what it is doing is taking your health care choices out of your and your doctor’s hands and letting government “experts” decide what is best for everybody. You and your doctor will simply have to follow the allowable guidelines as laid down by the government experts. This makes us nervous.

A HEMORRHOID TREATMENT- While on the topic of… politicians, we’ve come across a new treatment for hemorrhoids.

A friend of ours is swearing that White Oak Bark taken by mouth saved her and a few of her friends from surgery for hemorrhoids. It is definitely worth a shot. Let us know if you try it and it works.

A couple of other home remedies include a rebounder (small trampoline) and menthol. We’ve had a few people that say that rebounding for a few minutes every day reduces or gets rid of their hemorrhoids, but it is usually something they have to keep doing to keep the results – which is ok because rebounding is good for you. It is a mild form of exercise and it gets your blood circulating.

The menthol  (or lavendar oil works too) is to be applied to the hemorrhoid any time you visit the bathroom during the day. It is warm at first, but it seems to take the pain out of the hemorrhoid, and usually pretty quickly. This seems to work for a majority of people. However, it only works on the pain, it doesn’t seem to be able to actually reduce or get rid of the hemorrhoids themselves.

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Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email) (newsletter archives)

This week’s bit of Useless Information:  Dentists recommend that a toothbrush be kept six feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush.

This email is courtesy of Matthew Barnes, D.C. and Robin Barnes, D.C.  Neither this nor any of our emails are intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such.  They are opinion and are for informational purposes only.  None of the nutrients discussed here are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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