Let Food Be Your Medicine

Hi Everyone,

As those of you that know us probably know, we not only do not believe in over-medication, we also do not believe in over-supplementation. In fact, though not quite as blatant a problem as over-medication, over-supplementation can be toxic as well.

FOOD IS NUMBER ONE- As a result, we believe in taking as few supplements as possible, and getting most of what we need from eating REAL food as Mother Nature made and intended, while avoiding as much as possible all processed, chemicalized, altered and denatured foods produced in factories by large corporations.

SUPERFOODS NEXT- We do believe in a little supplementation, but instead of using artificially created chemical versions of vitamins and other nutrients, we recommend that you supplement as the healthy peoples of the past did – with superfoods…foods so nutrient dense they supply the body with much more nutrition than normal food.
Some examples of super foods include Amla Berry, Cod Liver Oil, Blue Green Algae, Bee Pollen, High Vitamin Butter Oils from pastured cattle, Celtic Sea Salt (LOADED with minerals), Raw Milk, Kefir, Sauerkraut, and the products of a company called Standard Process (who makes natural – not synthetic – vitamins).

TREATMENT HERBS LAST- If you still have a health issue plaguing you that doesn’t improve with better diet and superfoods, we have found Chinese Herbal Medicine to be very effective. Not only does it work extremely well, but it is founded on using as few supplements as possible, and for as short a time as possible, to get you back into a state of health.
If, after all this, you still have a problem, it may be time to look into the harsher treatments of medication and surgery. But by following this protocol, you not only do not end up on handfuls of medications, you do not end up on handfuls of supplements as well.

Hope this helps,
Dr Matt and Dr Robin Barnes
P.S.- If you decide to try Chinese Medicine, be sure to get professional help, or at least ask us for a good source, as there are a few things you definitely need to know when you begin to use these remedies.

Hope this helps,

Dr Matt and Dr Robin
mattandrobin@yahoo.com (email)

Everything we say is expressly our opinions based on what we see in the clinic and what we read in the research journals. By law we must tell you that the FDA is not particularly fond of natural medicines we must tell you that  neither this nor any of our emails are allowed to be or  intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such.  These emails  are only allowed to be for informational purposes only-  none of the nutrients discussed here are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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