Jing, Shen and Qi

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Oriental Medicine has a way with analogies…

The health and energy of your body can be compared to a candle. The size of your candle and the length of its wick represents the genetic attributes you inherited from your parents. This is referred to as Jing.

How strong the flame on the candle burns represents your Qi or Life Energy.

The GLOW coming off of the candle represents your Shen- also called Vitality, Health or Spirit.

Altogether, these three constituents are known as the Three Treasures of Man.

Jing, Qi and Shen






You cannot change your genetics or “Jing Qi”. You cannot change the size of your candle or the length of its wick, representing the genetic Qi or Energy or Life Force you are born with.

However, the healthier you eat and the better you live, the more your body can live off of the Qi (nutrients) from your food and the Qi (oxygen) from the air.

The more you live off of food and air Qi, the less your body has to live off of its “Genetic” Qi (also known as Jing). This leads to a longer and healthier life, with brighter “Shen”.

The worse you eat, and the unhealthier you live, the quicker you burn through your genetic Qi. This leads to bad health and short lifespans.

A primary method of diagnosis in Oriental Medicine is to analyze the strength of your Jing (essence), Qi and Shen. A primary treatment in Oriental Medicine is to correct any weakness discovered n these three main areas.

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Dr Robin Barnes

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