Involuntary Human Experiment

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Here is an interesting story…

INVOLUNTARY HUMAN EXPERIMENT- Many years ago an “involuntary” experiment was conducted on about 500 men aboard the German naval warship, the “Kronprinz-Wilhelm.” This crew evidently sank allied freighters regularly on the Argentina-Liverpool circuit, and every time they did, they would board the fallen vessel and remove food and other items they needed off the ships.

THEIR HOARD- By doing this, they obtained more canned goods and white flour than they could possibly consume. Fresh meats, vegetables and fruit were also found, but were reserved only for the officers of the “Kronprinz-Wilhelm”, who, for the most part, escaped the fate that decimated the crew.

THE RESULT- After 255 days at sea on this diet, 110 members of the crew were on the verge of death, and the rest were close behind when the ship pulled into the American port of Newport News in search of medical aid. Dr. Perrenon, the ship’s doctor, said, “We had many cases of pneumonia, pleurisy, and rheumatism among the men. They seemed to lose all resistance… ”

NATURAL HEALING- Can even pneumonia, pleurisy, and rheumatism can be from nutritional deficiencies? Yes. Many diseases today are caused by missing foods and nutrients in our Factory-made diets. Of course genetics, toxins in the environment and other things beyond our control also contribute, but diet can make a huge difference. Lack of full nourishment leaves the body weak and susceptible to ALL manners of illnesses and invasion by organisms. Heart disease, arthritis, cancer – you name it, scientists are finding they are all caused by nutritional deficiencies, and yet these diseases are being treated with medication and surgery.

By re-nourishing the body with Real Foods, avoiding processed, factory-made foods and sometimes adding specific healing nutrients, the body can be healed of just about anything. There is no disease that someone has not overcome.

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