Interesting HIV Killer, Chocolate for Belly Fat and an Athletes Foot Home Remedy

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ANTI-FUNGAL CREAM KILLS HIV- An interesting new study performed at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has found that the antifungal drug Ciclopirox may be capable of killing HIV, at least in test tubes.

The research has not been performed on people yet, but it seems this foot cream, commonly used to treat nail fungus, causes the virus to commit suicide – but has no ill effects on healthy cells.

DARK CHOCOLATE for BELLY FAT (and cholesterol, and inflammation)- A new study published in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences found that chocolate was good for the heart, good for cholesterol, and actually even decreased belly fat. Many of these benefits showed up after only one week of consumption.

The research was done in the Department of Neuroscience, Division of Human Nutrition, University of Tor Vergata, Rome. In the study, they used REAL chocolate, not sugary chocolate. The chocolate was 70% dark chocolate, and the amount used was 100 grams per day, which is around a 3 ounce bar.

The chocolate raised the good cholesterol, lowered the bad cholesterol, lowered inflammatory markers, and reduced overall abdominal circumference. Yay chocolate!

URINE FOR ATHLETES FOOT- This one will not be a popular idea, I’m sure. But one home remedy for tough athletes foot that is not responding to anything else is to use urine.

It is believed that the urea in urine is what is toxic to foot fungus. The treatment must be repeated daily for an extended time, and it is best not to wash the urine off right away, but allow it to dry on for a little bit.

We know – this one won’t be high on your list, but we wanted you to be aware of it.  At least it is cheap!  🙂

Hope this helps,

Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email)

This week’s bit of Useless Information:  The English word “orange” was the name of the fruit for at least a few hundred years before it was a color.  It used to be called ‘Geoluhread’ which means yellow red.

This email is courtesy of Matthew Barnes, D.C. and Robin Barnes, D.C.  Neither this nor any of our emails are intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such.  They are opinion and are for informational purposes only.  None of the nutrients discussed here are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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