Many of you are going to buy a bed this year.

As medical professionals, we regularly see the effect good sleep has on pain and overall health. We’ve seen people that had stubborn health challenges that seemed to respond to nothing else become treatable or even heal on their own after they were able to start getting good sleep.

We also see, on a regular basic, patients buying mattresses and spending lots of money, only to be in the market for another mattress after only a few months, as their new bed begins to sag.

We used to recommend latex mattresses. Now they are our second favorite. The mattress we own, keep in the clinic and now recommend is the IntelliBED.

  • IntelliBED has found a replacement material for mattresses that seems to offer the proper amount of support and spinal alignment, without creating pressure points like spring mattresses do, and without being as hot as latex mattresses. They call this material Intelli-Gel.
  • Intelli-Gel was created by engineers to provide the body with the most pressure relief possible and has been used to treat burn victims for decades.
  • We have found that Intelli-Gel cushions better than any other mattress we have experienced, which reduces the amount you toss and turn, allowing you to stay in the deep healing stages of sleep longer.
  • In spite of how well it cushions, the gel still provides better alignment support than any other mattress we’ve tried, which is necessary to keep you lined up while you are sleeping, and to better hold your adjustments.
  • Unlike most other mattresses that begin to sag within weeks to months, intelliBED is guaranteed for 30 years. We really like this point- this bed will last for a long time.
  • IntelliBED doesn’t use any of the toxic materials other companies use in building their mattresses, which we know is important to a lot of you.

intelliBED builds medical grade sleep surfaces that we believe can help anyone, from the person who seems to have no sleep issues to those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, chronic shoulder and hip issues, and many others. We believe in the technology because we’ve been sleeping on ours for the last few years and love our bed! We believe sleep can have so much of an impact on your health and healing that we bought one to put in our office for you to try.

We have negotiated a 10% discount for all of our patients if they use this code DRSMATTANDROBINBARNES when they place an order. In addition, We’ve also worked out a deal for a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, including free return shipping. IntelliBED prefers you to call (888) 435-2339 so they can have their consultants walk you through which intelliBED is best for you. You can also go online at, but don’t forget your code to get your discount.


From now through Christmas of 2014, buy a Medical Grade IntelliBED, get 2 Chiroflow Water Pillows free. (1 Chiroflow Water Pillow free with the purchase of a Standard, Non-Medical Grade IntelliBED). Local offer only. You must come by the office to get your pillow(s). Eligible for pillows after 60 day trial period is over.