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THE FARMER and the HOGS- Earlier this century, a prominent New York State farmer made a contract with a couple of New York hotels to buy their stale bread and rolls at a discounted price to use as hog feed. This benefited both parties as the hotels were relieved of food they would just throw out, and the farmer obtained cheap food for his hogs and other animals.

THE TROUBLE BEGINS- Many months later the farmer began to believe that his farm had been cursed, or at least run through by some mysterious illness. The young pigs developed at half the usual growth rate, the hogs developed diseases that had been foreign or rare, and they especially had trouble with pneumonia. The female hogs had smaller liters or were aborting them altogether. His hens began to lay their eggs irregularly, and the chicks that hatched from them were so weak that few survived.

He finally connected the white breads from the hotel with this new “curse” and did an experiment. He set up two test pens, putting half his hogs on the white bread diet and the other on a Real Food diet. In three months there was a “woeful lot” of unhealthy pigs in the white bread pen, and a perfectly normal group in the other, proving that malnutrition had been the source of their diseases, and that re-nourishing them cured their illnesses.

REAL FOODS DIET- There is no other cure. We must eat as many Real Foods as possible and avoid processed, denatured, chemicalized foods as much as possible, for we cannot correct with drugs and surgery what is essentially malnutrition and starvation. Foods grown organically on nutrient dense soils are best. And if you supplement your diet with vitamins, use whole food vitamins like those from Standard Process, not synthetic, chemical versions of vitamins like those used by most large companies.

Things like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and asthma can be healed naturally by re-nourishing the body with Real Foods and certain specific nutrients, but you must give it time. It even took those hogs 3 months to recover from their diseases, and they had only been eating processed foods for a short time.
By the way, the farmer’s name was Senator W.P. Richardson of Goshen, New York.

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