‘High Tech’ Commercials Really Get You

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Here are a few tidbits for you…

1. Did you know modern day commercials are high tech? Researchers for the advertising companies actually hook volunteers up to all sorts of expensive gadgetry to test the volunteers’ reactions to the commercials they have created. These companies show different commercials on the same product until they find a way of promoting a product that produces the strongest emotional reaction in the audience they are trying to reach. This is how they can target your emotions so well, and how they can go after kids, men, women or the elderly – whoever their target is. They simply pull in their target audience and play the commercial while testing physiological indicators that let them know when they have a winner.

2. The same thing happens with drug commercials. Drug companies take a target audience with depression, for example, and keep playing with the commercial until they get the biggest emotional reaction from their volunteers with depression, indicating the highest likelihood of depressed patients asking the doctor for that medication.

3. The same thing happens with side effects, but in reverse. Drug companies take volunteers with a disorder they want to sell a medication for. Once they have found an advertisement that makes that group really want their medication, they then start running side effects to that medication. But this time, they run the ad until they find a way of reading off the side effects that produces the least amount of emotional reaction of fear from their target audience. This way they find the best way of creating excitement about buying their product, with the least amount of fear over the side effects.

4. Some of the physiological indicators these researchers look at are dilated pupils (shows interest), constricted pupils (shows fear), sweat levels, breathing levels, and even blood levels of certain hormones. Advertising has become a science of mass manipulation.

Hope this helps,

Dr Matt and Dr Robin

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:  If you walk into the Dead Sea and lean back, you will float in the water because it is so buoyant. You pretty much can’t sink in the Dead Sea unless you really, really want to, and even then you would need something to weigh you down.

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