Have a Coke and A Tumor

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1. Here’s another tidbit for you…

A COCA-COLA STORY- In 2001, the Coca-Cola corporation built a plant in a small Indian village in the state of Kerala. In exchange for lots of water, of which this village had little, Coke promised to bring them great wealth.

SUCKED DRY- In only a few months, the wells of this village began to run dry. Coke calmed the villager’s concerns and won back their favor by giving the people large amounts of “fertilizer” for free, indicating the “fertilizer” would grow crops beyond what they could imagine.

TRICKED AGAIN- The “fertilizer” turned out to be toxic waste sludge from the bottling plant. It was loaded with cadmium, a very toxic, cancer-causing metal. The village, its water and its soil are now too toxic for humans to live on or near. The plant recently shut down.
Pepsi is in the process of being thrown out of India for similar crimes.
Shame on them! Yet another reason to avoid soft drinks and buy from smaller businesses.

For more information- http://www.organicconsumers.org/BTC/cocacola082405.cfm

Hope this helps
Dr Matt and Dr Robin

Hope this helps,

Dr Matt and Dr Robin
mattandrobin@yahoo.com (email)

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