Funny Acupuncture Commercial, Flu Drug Approved Despite Research, and More Vaccine Controversy

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FUNNY ACUPUNCTURE COMMERCIAL- Here is a funny acupuncture commercial. Thanks to BE of TX for this one. Click on the link below to view it.

FLU DRUG DOESN’T WORK, APPROVED ANYWAY- In 1999 the flu drug Relenza came on the market. The FDA’s own committee voted 13-4 against approving the drug. The committee argued that the drug had proven useless for preventing the flu and didn’t help much after the symptoms started. In addition, several studies suggested potentially dangerous side-effects, especially for people with breathing disorders like asthma.

In what was categorized as an uncharacteristic decision, the FDA approved the new drug anyway. The FDA reportedly approved the drug because, at least in part, there were not many treatments for the flu at the time. The agency did suggest that people with asthma keep a bronchodilator close at hand while using the medication. (Associated Press, July 27, 1999)

DID VACCINES SAVE US?- There is a lot of controversy over vaccines. Personally, we believe the idea behind vaccination is good and sound.  However, when toxic chemicals like Mercury and Thimerosal are added to the vaccine, then injected deeply into the body, to us that’s a no brainer – it’s bad.

One of the major controversies surrounding vaccination is whether the vaccination ever actually did anything in the first place. If you look at whooping cough, measles and other diseases we take vaccines against, the graphs showing their incidences were well on the decline before vaccines were even introduced.

One common theory is that our bodies eventually adapted to the diseases and fought them off on their own, much like the way bacteria and viruses adapted to and became resistant to antibiotics. Another theory is that changes in sanitation greatly improved the conditions which lead to the development of these diseases in the first place.

In any event, the following graphs show how far these diseases had already fallen before vaccines were introduced:

If nothing else, these charts show just how adaptable the human body is. Our bodies seem to be capable of interpreting a new threat, adapting to it and overcoming it. Of course this does not help the first few generations of people that come in contact with the new threat.

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:  Stars come in different colors; hot stars give off blue light and the cooler stars give off red light.

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