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VERTIGO – If you have ever had vertigo, or known somebody that has, you know how bad it can be. It is not life threatening, but it is certainly life-altering.

There are many different causes of dizziness. The most common seems to be a middle ear infection. But there are many people out there who have vertigo or dizziness for which there seems to be no cause.

“OTOTLITHS” – In these cases, it is very common for “otoliths” or “ear stones” to be the problem. Trauma and the aging process sometimes causes the fluid in the balance area of the inner ear to form small stones. When these stones brush up against our ‘balance sensors’ we feel like we are moving even when we are not.

A common and helpful treatment for this type of vertigo is called the Epley Maneuver. It is a series of movements of the head that moves the stones out of the balance area of the ear into another area where they can no longer irritate the balance mechanisms.

Typically, to have this procedure done, you need to go to a doctor that knows how to do it or even to a specialist with special equipment.  One company, however, has made an at-home devise to be used to correct the problem. It is a baseball type cap with an indicator on the brim. The goal is to move the bubble within the indicator through a spiral maze to a certain spot on the indicator by head motions.

The motions used to move the bubble to the right spot are the same motions needed to move the stones out of the balance area of the middle ear. To learn more, and see the product, go to http://DizzyFix.com” title=”Dizzy Fix” target=”_blank”>www.DizzyFix.com</a>.

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