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DIGITAL MEDICINE- In what is both interesting and very scary, the FDA has “green lighted” the development of “digital pills”, which are medications containing tiny microchips. The company creating the product, Proteus Digital Health, believes this development will move us into a digital age of medicine.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of sand, and cannot be digested by stomach acid. In fact, the stomach acid “activates” the chip which then sends out a signal that can be picked up by your doctor (or anyone that can hack into the signal).

The main usage, according to Proteus Digital Health, is for your doctor to make sure you are taking your medication(s) correctly.

BOTH INTERESTING AND SCARY- The idea of these chips is interesting because the day seems to be coming where we may not have to go to a doctor to see what is wrong with us.

With sensors already circulating in our body, you can contact your doctor when you are not feeling well and the doctor simply pulls up your sensor on his or her computer to see what the sensor says about the state of your body.

THE BAD- There are also some downsides and outright scary parts to this as well: First, is it safe? Will the sensor cause disease in our body? Will our body attack it? If these are put in all our medications, just how many of these things will be circulating in our bodies? If living near electric lines is bad for us, how about having lots of little electrical devices inside us.

Second, will this be another way for “big brother” to keep track of us and know our every move?

And lastly, the entire purpose of this chip as of right now, according to Proteus Digital, is for your doctor to be able to know whether you are taking your medication like you are supposed to or not. It is supposedly aimed at the elderly and others who may not be mentally capable of taking their medications correctly. However, the other side of the coin is that if you decide you don’t want to take a medication, or if you accidentally miss a day or two, will this affect your insurance coverage down the road? Will they charge you more because you didn’t follow your doctor’s instructions. In the past, doctors would generally only prescribe one medication. Now its often 4 or 5 per visit. If you are not okay with that will you be punished?

We know a man from our clinic who was told he had a heart blockage and needed to have open heart surgery. He decided he wanted to try and fix the problem naturally first. His insurance company informed him that if he died, they would not honor his life insurance policy because he had gone against his doctor’s orders, so he was forced into open heart surgery to protect his family. We are not arguing whether he was correct or his doctor was correct, only that the decision for his health was blackmailed out of him.

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This email is courtesy of Matthew Barnes, D.C. and Robin Barnes, D.C.  Neither this nor any of our emails are intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such.  They are opinion and are for informational purposes only.  None of the nutrients discussed here are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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