Corporate Welfare, More on Vitamins and Toxic Beauty Salons

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CORPORATE WELFARE- “Corporate Welfare” is the term given to the subsidies paid by the government to already rich companies who do not really need the money. This includes money given by the government for example to oil companies and to the larger food companies.

This is in no way an endorsement for any candidate or side of the political groups, but hats off to Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma for creating an amendment to cut off government money to any farm with an average income over $1 million (“mega farms”).

This amendment has yet to become law, and you can bet the big money groups are trying to fight it, but it is still nice to see someone willing to take them on.

MORE VITAMIN STUDIES- Another vitamin study has come out claiming that taking vitamins is bad for your health, especially if you are an older woman. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, these studies are badly done, use incorrect dosages, and/or use artificial vitamins instead of natural vitamins. Here are a few specific points about this particular study:

– The study was OBSERVATIONAL. 38,000 elderly women filled out surveys based on THEIR MEMORY of what they ate and the supplements they were on over the last 18 years!
– The study claimed taking vitamins increased health problems by 1%. If a drug increased health problems by 50% it doesn’t even make the news, yet 1% from vitamins has made headlines.
– The dosage of the vitamins was not taken into consideration.
– Most of the problems came from taking too much iron and copper, both of which do need to be watched.
– Many of the vitamins in the study were found to promote health, but those findings were not emphasized.
-Many of these women smoked, drank, were on multiple medications or were on hormone replacement therapy – all known to shorten the lifespan, but were not taken into account.

In the end, the study claims that the sickest elderly patients recalled taking multivitamins, so the study linked multivitamins with their ill health. Instead, skeptics of the study say that the study showed that the sickest elderly patients routinely turned to a multivitamin to help them with their health woes. In other words, it wasn’t the vitamins that caused their health problems, vitamins were taken by these elderly women to try and help with their already existent health problems.

BEAUTY SALONS- It has been known for years that those most exposed to chemicals tend to get the most cancer. Beauty salons seem to show up high on that list due to the amount of hair spray and other chemicals exposed to and breathed in on a regular basis.

It has also been found that people who are exposed to chemicals that do not get cancer seem to have a very strong liver, which is able to cleanse the toxins out of the blood and the body. Those that do get cancer seem to have livers that are not strong enough to keep up with the toxic exposure – their livers get overwhelmed, overworked and are unable to cleanse out all the toxins so they build up in the body and bathe your cells in toxins, which leads to cancers.

One strategy, no matter who you are, is to do a liver cleanse once (maybe twice) per year and to do some kind of ongoing liver support. LivCo by MediHerb is our favorite Liver Cleanser. It helps the liver filter out toxins. Silymarin is our favorite liver support. It protects, rebuilds and strengthens the liver.

Unfortunately, MediHerb is only sold by health professionals – chiropractors, medical doctors, dentists, etc. If you do not have somebody nearby you can get these products from, look for a good source of Milk Thistle extract (silymarin) from the health food store.

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:
The tradition of burning a Yule log actually has its roots in ancient Scandinavia. Supposedly the Yule log was a source of good luck and its remnants were saved to inspire good fortune throughout the year. It was such a widely held belief that people even threw the ashes in wells to make the water safer to drink.

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