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We have a few updates we thought you might want to know about.

ORGANIC UNDER FIRE – You may remember from earlier newsletters that the term “Organic” is under fire. Now that the organic industry is making a lot of money, all the big Corporations want in on it. The problem is that they want to be able to call their foods organic without the foods actually having to be organic.

HOW? – So how are these big Corporations taking over and changing the organic industry? Three ways:
(1) They are buying and taking over the smaller organic companies.
(2) They are getting Congress to pass laws allowing the chemicals they already use in growing and processing their foods to be labeled as organic. By definition organic is supposed to mean NO chemicals.
(3) They are getting Congress to change control over the Organic Industry from the National Organic Standards Board, who has controlled the Organic Industry for years, and put in the hands of White House appointed USDA bureaucrats.

THE DIRTY LIST – The following is a list of the Corporations that sponsored the changes in Organic Laws. The list may surprise you.

Dole, Kraft/Boca, Smucker’s/Knudson’s, Campbell Soup Company, General Mills/Small Planet, Dean/Horizon/Whitewave, Aurora Organic, Dannon/Stonyfield, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, The Grocery Manufacturers Association.

WHY? – Why would these companies do this? Especially those who are already in the Organic Industry? Profits. Growing organic food is more expensive. There is a higher profit margin for foods that use cheap chemicals instead of growing them naturally.
We’ll try to keep you posted on which companies really are still organic. Our favorite source is the Shopping Guide from the Weston A. Price Foundation ( They really do their homework and list the best sources for everything from food to supplements.

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Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email)

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