Child Abuse, Asthma and Hydrogen Fuel

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GOVERNMENT BACKED CHILD ABUSE- The EPA is now proposing federal legislation that would allow toxic pesticides and chemicals to be tested on mentally retarded children, orphans, neglected or abused children, and any child outside the US.
You may remember that the government tried something similar not too long ago, but it was dropped due to the large public outcry. For more information, or to sign a petition opposing this legislation, go to
UPDATE: Since the writing of this newsletter, the government has again been overwhelmed with so many emails, letters, and phone calls not only from private citizens, but also from large groups of professional scientists, that this legislation has once again been knocked down!

JUNK FOOD & ASTHMA- A recent New Zealand Study looked at the link between the tremendous rise in Asthma, especially in kids, with the food they ate. They found, not surprisingly, that the more junk food a child eats, the more likely they will develop Asthma, wheezing and other problems. It was a direct link.
The more real, unprocessed, non-factory foods the children ate had the reverse effect- it actually seemed to protect them from developing Asthma. The study was published in Allergy 2005; 60:1537-1541.

A NEW FUEL?- A company called Blacklight Power Incorporated claims to have created one heck of an energy source. They use very small amounts of water to create a fuel far more efficient and far less expensive than anything we can imagine right now.
Their critics are adamantly opposed to the possible new technology though, because if this fuel really works, it will evidently disprove an entire branch of Physics.

For more info on the company, go to

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