Best Neck Pain Treatments Released, More Hospitals Offering Alternative Care and The Changing Times

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BEST TREATMENTS FOR NECK PAIN RELEASED- A study published in the January 3rd, 2012 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine found that both Chiropractic Adjustments and home exercises were more effective than medication for relieving neck pain.

This not only went for short term pain relief, but the study also found that Chiropractic and neck exercises were also better for overall correction of the problem in the long run.

As a side note, we believe there is a time and place for everything, including pain medication. But it helps to remember that pain medication simply blocks pain signals, it does not actually correct the underlying problem. Even if pain medications are needed, it seems best to add adjustments and exercises for overall correction for better long term results.

MORE HOSPITALS OFFERING ALTERNATIVE CARE- Just ten years ago, only 14% of Hospitals were offering Alternative Care. As of 2010, the number has gone up to 42% and is still rising.

If you’d like to see your Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or Alternative Medical Specialist have hospital privileges, try putting in a good word at your hospital.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED- This is a funny little poem we thought we’d pass on…

Long ago we need lamplighters, but lately its all computed.

A whole town, I guess, can now be lit, with only one man on duty!

But with doctors it’s the opposite – yes, quite a confusing thing:

While it once took but one good old Doc, a true diagnosis to bring;

As of late it’s doctors plus specialists, with dozens of tests or more:

And yet still not one who seems to know  the answer or what’s the score!

For one thinks this, but tests prove that, which makes it hard to tell.

By the time they’ve diagnosed your case, you’ve accidentally gotten well.

– Mrs. Lynn Nuzzi

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This week’s bit of Useless Information:  Kittens can clock and amazing 31 miles per hour at full speed and can cover about 3 times their body length per leap.

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