Ancient Chinese Wisdom for Cold Prevention

Hi everybody,

Here’s some info we hope will help keep you well during these extreme weather changes.

ANCIENT CHINESE WISDOM- The Chinese and other ancient cultures noticed long ago that most illnesses (like the cold, the flu and stomach viruses) occurred during CHANGES in the weather. Most people get sick during the fall when summer turns to winter or in the spring when winter turns to summer. The more dramatic and quick the change in temperature, the more people got sick and the sicker they’d be.

They reasoned that the change in environment was so stressful that it weakened the body’s defenses against disease causing agents.

MODERN MEDICINE- Just recently, studies done in modern medicine have backed up what the Chinese and the other ancient cultures knew all along. Modern studies have found that temperature regulation may be one of the single most important functions of the body, to the extent that the body tries to take care of that job first.

What this means is that the more attention the body has to put on keeping your body temperature constant, the less it has for other jobs, like fighting off invaders.

BAD YEAR- You may have noticed that temperatures the past few years has been getting more and more erratic- warm one day and freezing the next. As a result, we’ve seen more people with colds.

In order to combat this kind of problem the Chinese and other ancient cultures came up with several approaches. Here’s a few that may work for you.

(1) Try to keep your temperature as constant as possible. In the fall when it starts getting cold, start adding layers right away. (Especially keep your head, neck, chest, arms and legs covered.) In the spring when it starts getting warm, don’t go out in shorts right away, ease in to the new weather.

(2) Try taking a hot shower and then alternating between hot and cold right at the end. The orientals swear this strengthens the body’s ability to deal with temperature swings.

(3) In the fall start eating soups with hot herbs like ginger, garlic and onions in it. These herbs have been used for centuries to prevent colds and flus. In the spring start eating cooler foods, like fruit.

Hope this helps,

Dr Matt and Dr Robin (email)

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