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Hi Guys,

There seems to be a lot of confusion these days over diet- should you eat Hi Carb or Lo Carb, should you be a Vegetarian or Meateater. Here’s what we think is best, and this just may surprise you!

WESTON PRICE: A dentist named Weston Price did some interesting studies on health and lifestyle after he noticed an alarming rate of dental cavities and overall health problems in the patients he saw. Even his youngest patients were already suffering from large cavities and diseases like asthma and allergies and weakened immunity.
Believing that Nature would not provide us with teeth so week that they could rot at so young an age, and bodies so weak they could already be riddled with so many diseases so early in life, he hypothesized that modern man must be doing something wrong.

THE DIET of PRIMITIVE MAN: He began searching out, traveling to, and studying primitive groups of people who had not yet made real contact with the modern world. He studied them, the health of their bodies and their teeth, and he studied what they ate. He found them to be exceptionally healthy.

Eating a diet of only real foods- nothing from a can or box full of sugar and chemicals, he found almost no tooth decay (a rate of only 1%, despite having never brushing their teeth) and almost none of the diseases afflicting modern man. In fact, he even found their bone structure to be much denser and wider than modern man’s, and their teeth to be properly aligned.

(Wild animals typically have straight teeth, without braces! Look at a Lion, a horse or a cow.)

HE RETURNS: By chance, many of the places he visited and photographed became settled by modern ways shortly after his visits, and he was able to go back and compare the health of the people before and after modernization.

He found that with the modernization of these societies came processed, refined foods- sugars, cakes, white flours, etc. And with these foods came the drastic decline in health he had observed in his clinic. Not only did dental cavities become common (causing the need for a local dentist where before they had no need), but there was also a dramatic rise in all the diseases modern man suffers from- even at early ages.

Probably the most dramatic thing Dr. Price noted was in children born to parents who were now eating a “modern diet”- the bone structure itself in these children, in only one generation, was so much weaker and narrower, that their now weak teeth were also cramped together and crooked.

(1) EAT ONLY (or at least mostly) REAL FOODS. Don’t count calories, carbs or fat grams, simply eat only real foods in the way Mother Nature provided them. Eat a wide variety of Meats, Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts. Do not eat much of anything that has been processed or refined- in other words, anything that comes in a bag or a box.
(2) Make lunch the biggest meal of the day, Supper is medium, breakfast is smallest. We know this opposite of what you’ve been taught.
(3) The best ratio of meats to vegetables to fruits to nuts is different for everybody. If your ancestors were Eskimos, an all fruit diet will not do you well. If your ancestors were tropical, an all meat diet will not do you well. Stay within the confines of REAL FOOD and figure out what works best for you.
This is not a new thing, our ancestors have eaten this way for centuries,

Hope this helps,
Dr. Matt and Dr. Robin

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