Modern Technology Meets Ancient Wisdom

What X-Rays have done for viewing the skeleton, and MRIs have done for viewing the discs and other body tissues, AcuGraph has done for Acupuncture.

Acugraph is a state-of-the-art machine that measures how easily electricity passes through each of the 12 Acupuncture Meridians of the body. The machine this uses this information to diagnose which Meridians are overactive and which are underactive. Other Meridian Imbalances can also occur, such as “Splits”, which are detected by this unit.

Acugraph has taken a lot of the guesswork, and trial-and-error out of using Acupuncture. It not only tells you which Meridians are sick, but which points would be best to use to balance them, which foods and herbs would be therapeutic, as well as which parts of the spinal energy system need to be adjusted. In short, this instrument has moved Acupuncture out of the dark ages, so to speak.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS: For a short demonstration, watch the videos below…

Video One- Click Here: AcuGraph

Video Two: Below