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ORGANIC NO MORE- Because of the growing demand for Organic foods, big businesses have wanted to get in on the Organic game for a while, but they don’t actually want to take the chemicals out of their products. Solution? Get Congress to change laws that would allow them to keep using their chemicals, but still be able to label their food as Organic anyway.

CONGRESS STEPS IN- Despite receiving over 350,000 letters and phone calls from “we the people” (actually, this number is from just one consumer advocacy group) opposing chemicals in our Organic foods, Congress passed regulations anyway to slacken what could be called Organic.
Now, foods can be labeled as organic even if they:
(1) Carry chemical/synthetic food additives that are no longer subject to public review.
(2) Dairy can be considered organic even if young cows have been treated with antibiotics and fed genetically engineered feed prior to being fed organically. They also are no longer required to have access to grazing.
(3) There are even loopholes in which extremely non-organic ingredients could be substituted for the organic ingredients without even having to notify to the public based on “emergency decrees.”

SOLUTION? The best thing you can do to get truly Organic food and produce is to buy as much as you can from small, local, Organic farmers. Other than that, you’ll have to figure out for yourself which companies really are doing things Organically. In general, the bigger the business, the less likely they are really Organic. We’ll try to keep you posted as well.
One good place to look for local, organic farmers is: http://www.eatwellguide.org/ Type in your zip code to find farmers in your area.

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Dr Matt and Dr Robin
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