Emerson Ecologics was founded as a family business in 1980. Its main purpose was to supply a wide variety of quality, reliable, tested, safe and effective supplements to health care professionals and their patients.

As supplements have become more and more popular, we have seen a definite rise in hucksters and poor quality supplements. Many companies have been caught purposely using substandard ingredients, using the wrong part of the herb in their products, or even substitute sawdust and other inert materials into their products in order to increase profit.

Study after study is showing that many of the supplements on the market cannot be trusted. Studies done on the brands found at Walmart and other discount retailers have found that those discount brands are often especially suspect.

Emerson, on the other hand, for more than 35 years, has carried thousands of professional quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbs and other natural products from over 275 of the world’s top brands. And they only carry those brands that have been tested and proven to be good, honest, reliable and effective.

As a result, Emerson has become one of the biggest online single source, one-stop shopping destinations, where you can shop for most of your supplement needs, both saving time and easing your mind about whether the brand you are buying is from a reliable company or not.

Emerson recently offered us a deal that we pounced on…

If you order from Emerson through our clinic’s account (by clicking on any of the “order now” pictures on this page), you will receive a whopping 25% off the retail price.

This discount is not off of one product- but off of the entire order. And this is not an introductory offer, or for a limited time only- it is for as long as they will allow us to do this for you.

Additionally, as you will be using many of the same, professional brands that we use in our clinic, we will be better able to guide you in your needs, if you wish.

One more thing, and this is big…

According to new legislation, if you have an HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending account), you should be able to use money in those accounts to purchase these professional grade supplements.

However, each bank has different rules regarding the purchase of nutritional supplements through these accounts, so you may want to check with your individual bank first.

To get started, click the image.

Or click here for access: https://wellevate.me/robin-barnes

*Please note that the FDA is not particularly friendly towards the use of vitamins and herbs in health problems. We must tell you that any information on this website, or anything we say on our online dispensary is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to be used for medical advice or in the diagnosis or treatment of disease.