Matt’s New Book

Hi Everybody,

Matt’s next book is almost ready to go. I need a little help.

Investing 101 Cover

Being an unknown author, you rely on your email list to initially get the word out, and we need more people on the list.

Matt’s new book is called Investing 101 and it is on money management and investing. Specifically, the book covers a very simple way to invest that usually does quite a bit better than the market.

Matt came up with this system himself after years of trial and error. We work for ourselves, so we don’t get a pension like many people. We had to create our own pension.

Matt’s method takes minutes per week, and trades are rare (you won’t be getting in and out of trades regularly).

The main idea of his system is to plant a money tree out of the money you physically earn at work. The goal is to live off of your money tree as soon as possible.

If you know of anybody you think might be interested in Matt’s book, please forward them this email and have them sign up to receive information via the link below:

Thanks a bunch!!

Dr Robin Barnes

PS: Please don’t bug anybody, or sign them up for information without them knowing 🙂 (website) (email)

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